PlotKit is a Javascript graph plotting library. It is aimed at web applications that require plotting series of data in modern web browsers.

PlotKit requires MochiKit. (1.3 or higher)

PlotKit supports both HTML Canvas and SVG, along with an emulated canvas for Internet Explorer.

PlotKit is easily extensible to include other rendering engines, styles and layouts. Please pursue the documentation for more information.

PlotKit is licensed under the BSD License, so you can include it in your free or commercial applications without worrying.

PlotKit Components

Base Classes

  • Base : Common functionality that is used in other classes, including default styles.
  • Layout : The default chart layout engine, supports bar, line and pie charts.
  • Renderer: Customising the look of the output

Renderer Specific Implementations

Utility Classes

  • EasyPlot: Simple Wrapper around classes to provide one-line plotting.

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